26 de marzo de 2014

Actividades para trabajar en clase de idiomas

Una completa lista de un centenar de actividades y juegos que podemos trabajar en el aula si nos encontramos en una clase de idiomas o en una sección bilingüe. Son estrategias aplicables dentro de la metodología AICLE o CLIL, en sus siglas en inglés.

ESL Kids Classroom Games & Activities

Un par de ejemplos, citados textualmente del artículo:

BookVanishing Objects Game: place a number of objects in front of the Ss.  Give them a few moments to memorize the objects and then tell them to close their eyes.  Take away one of the objects and then tell the Ss to open their eyes again.  The first S to guess the missing object can win that object (for 1 point) and take away an object in the next round.

Tic Tac ToeVocab Tic Tac Toe: Draw a basic tic tac toe board on the white board with new vocabulary in each block. Each word is missing one, two or three letters depending on students level. One S from each team is called up and must fill in the missing letter(s) and say the word aloud. The team with three in a row wins.  (submitted by Shawn).

La página incluye una gran cantidad de recursos adicionales.

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